Becoming Teachable

Teach-a-ble : (of a person) able to learn by being taught. “when we think we have things already figured out, we’re not teachable”

I googled what it meant to be teachable. So simple, yet it’s such a common struggle to be teachable. I guess I can only speak on behalf of myself — it has definitely been hard.

Not until recently I rediscovered my passion for hair. After years being in the industry (12 to be exact) I learned a lot. I’ve had mentors, peers, clients that have taught me so much that I know and has given me tools to thrive behind the chair, but I’m not going to lie — there has been so many times where I wanted to quit. I would look for anything and everything that I could do other than doing hair. I would register for classes thinking I wanted to change my career. Like full on quit on the beauty industry, but somehow nothing really felt right. So I continued “working” as a hairdresser. And when I say working, it was miserable.

So what changed all of a sudden? I guess I was tired of me being unhappy in my career. I began to realize that everything I was doing at this time wasn’t moving the needle and I needed to change something else about. I mean as corny as this sounds, it was me holding me back. I wasn’t teachable. Most people could agree with me on this.. the ego is real. It could prevent you from reaching your truest potential. It could hide your truest strengths. The ego is definitely not